The continent has the duty to promote the friendly visibility of Cuba among the African peoples, writes Okello Oculi

In 1996, Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid government adopted a policy to ensure that his government served the vast majority of African citizens who had been denied medical care by decades of racist governance by European immigrants. As a result, Mandela chose to focus on providing “primary health care” as opposed to “secondary curative health care”.

In Nigeria, this policy was initiated by Professor Beko Ransome-Kuti under the administration of General Ibrahim Babangida despite opposition from the leadership of the Nigerian Medical Association. Curative care is popular with companies that sell drugs; medical equipment for housing in medical wards and theaters; employing physicians located in urban areas and serving high-income patients.

Future South African doctors and nurses trained to provide “primary health care” had to travel to Cuba whose leaders remained deeply in debt to poor rural communities from whom they recruited fighters for their guerrilla war against the government. of Batista supported by the United States. Thus, the “Nelson Mandela-Fidel Castro Medical Collaboration” program was launched.

The program sent 800 South African students each year to study medicine in Cuba. By 2017, a total of 4,000 medical graduates had returned to South Africa. As a liberation movement that had anchored its strength in the promise of a better life for oppressed and neglected blacks, the African National Congress had chosen an appropriate strategy to build cadres to provide democratic health care to this constituency.

Buhle Maud Donda reported that: “South African medical students returning from five years of training in Cuba were ‘considered foreign and incompetent’ by the Boer-controlled medical establishment. The University of KwaZulu Natal School of Medicine offers “one to three years of extended medical training upon return.” In total, eight years of attending medical school has delayed access to needy populations, while enticing them with urban curative care and areas of specialization, including surgery, which generate lucrative income.

In the early years of independence, most UK-trained Nigerian / Ugandan / Ghanaian / Kenyan officials treated with contempt the quality of degrees awarded by US, Indian and Soviet universities. When the Soviet Union first sent the SPUTNIK satellite into space and astronaut Yuri Gagarin into space, they swallowed up their madness.

South African medical guards also subject Cuban graduates to “education with humiliation” and high failure rates; thereby brutally undermining the ANC government’s goal of providing medical care to the masses of the people. It is surprising that the ANC lacks vigilance against foreseeable sabotage. Cuba owes Africa a resilient dissemination of the primary health care program; and teach the African peoples the virtue of vigilance.

Fidel Castro rightly boasted that his bold policy of sending Cuban troops to defeat and repel South African troops from Angola had ensured the collapse of the myth of South Africa’s military superiority. in Africa. Bitterness towards Cuba runs deep among white South Africans.

Cuba has trained thousands of doctors and nurses for export to meet the medical needs of countries in Asia, South America and several African countries despite diplomatic opposition from Euro-American companies who find that Cuba’s gospel of promoting “primary health care” denies markets in poor countries with predominantly rural populations. It prevents the accumulation of debts for the importation of expensive drugs and medical technologies.

America’s use of its global financial might to intimidate wealthy oil-rich European and Arab Gulf states from trading and investing in Cuba has forced them to turn to intensive research to produce what they don’t. could not import.

Despite Cuba’s invention of herbal medicines, markets are denied them. In 2021, his invention of a 92% effective vaccine against COVID-19, more expensive and less effective US vaccines are being forced on African governments. The African Union must provide Cuba with mediatized diplomatic support against this economic terrorism; and prevent a COVID-19 debt burden. Cuban-African research collaboration is imperative.

The high cost of medical care in the United States would lose billions of dollars if “medical tourism” to Cuba were allowed to the American people. Cuba eliminated MALARIA through disciplined community cleansing of the environment; NOT with money to buy millions of anti-malarial drugs. African medical tourists would benefit from cheaper high quality services.

Japan, China and Cuba have built their national strength on free and universal elementary education; and high quality academic research and publications. Africa has more than 80 million unemployed young people who experience violence as income and religious barbarism. Paul Kagame condemned African leaders who travel to Paris to be briefed on the problems they see in their own country.

After his seizure of power in 1959, Fidel Castro dispatched military weapons to support the war for the liberation of Algeria; and trained Tunisian fighters. Somalia, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Tanzania and Namibia also received Cuban military support. They have the obligation to promote the friendly visibility of Cuba among the African peoples. And fight hostile Euro-American propaganda.

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