Devastation in Kyiv suburbs as Russian troops advance on the capital

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ICC to investigate possible war crimes in Ukraine

STORY: Video of Ukrainian emergency services attempting to rescue civilians from a burning building following a Russian airstrike in the city of Chernihiv are the latest images of horror and suffering caused by the invasion Russian. And now Reuters has learned that investigators from the International Criminal Court in The Hague are on their way to the region to investigate possible war crimes. “We’re moving around the area today, they’re probably taking off now.” against humanity and genocide. “I think the world is watching, and the world is expecting better. Humanity is expecting better than what we are getting. All over the world. And Ukraine is no exception.” Neither Russia nor Ukraine are not members of the ICC, and Moscow does not recognize the tribunal. But Ukraine signed a declaration in 2014 giving the court jurisdiction over serious crimes allegedly committed on its territory, regardless of the perpetrator’s nationality. ratters. A video shot Thursday by a Kharkiv resident showed the effect of Russian bombs on residential areas. go “according to plan.” Russia has been accused of using so-called cluster munitions and targeting civilian neighborhoods. Speaking to Reuters, Khan did not address specific allegations, but said: “One thing is very clear: any party that targets, directly targets, civilians or civilian objects commits a crime under Rome Statute and international humanitarian law. is clear. “If war crimes are found to have been committed in Ukraine,” Khan said, “his office would follow the evidence up the chain of command, to the highest levels of political and military office.

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