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Atlanta-based influencer Kiitan Akinniranye is a name you should have on your radar. Especially if you are interested in beauty, travel and lifestyle topics. Kiitan started her career as an influencer in college. While studying for MCATs, she used blogging as a creative outlet and found her calling by sharing her personal hair journey and opening up about her skin insecurities while in med school.

Kitan is now the founder of the headwrap company. Atarah Avenue and has successfully partnered with well-known brands to create content. BGN conducted an interview with Kiitan via email about what led her to become an online community builder, the advice she has for creators, and her toughest times as an entrepreneur.

What inspired you to create travel content? Tell us how it led you to become a community builder.

I have always liked to travel. I moved to the United States when I was 7, so I started my journey at a very young age! My family was very Nigerian but I also grew up experiencing life in America. I think navigating these two very different cultures sparked my curiosity to see even more of the world. Every time I set foot in a new country, I am always in awe of how much more there is to life than I know. Sharing what I find brings me great joy and I’m glad people connect with what I have to say.

In the 10 years you’ve been a content creator, what changes have you experienced in your community?

I feel like the world of content creation is constantly changing. Frankly, sometimes it’s hard to follow! When I started, it was really about branding and consistency. You had to introduce yourself and clearly state what you provided to your community. Now, I think creativity and entertainment are major driving forces. I always need to be consistent and I always need to have a clear brand, but there are so many people with amazing things to say, so you need to find a way to stand out and keep your community engaged.

Define your content in three words.

Colourful, bold, inspiring

In the age of social media, as more and more of these platforms grow and we remain connected to them as users, how do you suggest we maintain a healthy work-life balance ?

I’m really intentional about my screen time. This can be difficult because social media is my job, so I schedule work time to be online, time when I can relax and scroll through my feeds, and time when my phone is put away. I also highly recommend doing periodic social media fasts. It’s really nice to unplug sometimes.

When you’re not traveling or creating content, what do you do to unwind?

I love game nights! Playing games with my sister or a group of friends is probably one of my favorite activities. I also like to watch cheesy holiday movies. The cornier they are, the better!

Tell us what you do when you feel uninspired or encounter a creative block?

When I feel uninspired, I try to step away from my work or project to give myself time to reflect. I try to pray or meditate at these times, and when I can, I do something fun to distract myself from work so I can come back with a fresh perspective.

How important is social media to you in a time when “relentless notifications or the pressure to constantly create” makes it hard to stay silent?

This space can become very overwhelming, all-consuming, and burnout is very real. I realize how important it is to find time to calm my mind and unplug. Meditating on the word has been a great help in countering the fast and continuing nature of being a content creator and our current times. I have now scheduled times in my routine to do just that.

What advice do you have for creators who originally cultivated their platform by things that brought them joy, but now may feel pressured to be glued to their devices?

If you don’t work from a place of joy that will shine through in your work and eventually you will lose interest or you will lose yourself. It can be really hard not to give in to social pressure to constantly create, but it’s really important to find a balance and do things in your real life that spark joy and can translate into the content you create. .

You have done and seen many things. What inspires and/or motivates you these days?

My faith is really important to me and keeps me grounded, and my friends and family are amazing and inspire me on a daily basis.

What was the hardest moment for you as an entrepreneur?

There were times when I got lost in creating content and didn’t feel connected to the person on my screen. I had to do a lot of internal work to get back to what I love about social media and why I started creating content in the first place. Rediscovering myself and my voice was the best decision I made for my career.

Given your job and other interests, what three things our reader might be surprised to learn you can’t live without and why?

I don’t talk about that much but about iced coffee. Need I say more? I like a good book. I have always been someone who reads a lot and since I discovered audio books, I have been able to cross so many other African authors. Definitely a game changer. I also love being in touch with my family and friends. I use Xfinity Wifi to make sure I’m always aware of what they’re up to and always just a phone call or facetime away.

You’re a bona fide travel pro – give us the inside scoop, which city should be on our Black Girl Nerds bucket list and why?

To be honest, anywhere on the African continent will always have my heart and since I am Nigerian, I would have to say somewhere in West Africa: Lagos and Accra are amazing and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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