Career Influencer Awards promise greater recognition for individuals and businesses

By Ephraim Oseji

Following the success recorded in its 2020 edition, the professional awards platform, Careers Influencer Awards has grown into a larger platform to reach a wider audience across Africa. With this transition came a new identity for the brand and a new name, Africa Influencer Awards. The new management will seek to expand the reach of the brand and accommodate other equally relevant aspects of the professional circle across Africa.

The Africa Influencers Awards are an annual initiative organized by the pan-African digital management magazine, The WorkBooth Magazine, to identify and celebrate African professionals and companies who have had a significant impact on their stakeholders. Its first edition recognized 50 professionals across Africa, including Olufemi Ibitoye, Wale Olajumoke, May Ogoibe, Toyin Adesola, Adeniyi-Adeleye Sandton and Yewande Jinadu. Other laureates such as Marketing Expert, Fiyin Toyo, Human Resources Expert, Olufunke Amobi, Leke Oshiyemi and Modou Njie from The Gambia, were also among the winners and were selected by an external panel as elite members of the Awards Platinum Club.

Unlike the previous edition which only focused on people who have influenced the career development of their colleagues and subordinates, the 2021 edition will also reward organizations, institutions and brands that have shown interest in their clients, their staff and their community. The decision to take this route, according to the platform’s management team, is a recognition that while the workplace plays an important role in Africa’s development, there are areas that deserve attention. ‘be highlighted alongside to create a balanced and well-balanced platform. .

“For us at The Workbooth Magazine, we believe so much in constantly pushing the boundaries and improving our success. It is to this end that we saw the need to expand the reach of our rewards platform. The previous edition saw many people from different parts of Africa showing a keen interest for which we are grateful and we thought about renaming the platform to reflect our new thinking.

We have also added a few additional categories that seek to recognize the effort of establishments that are committed to customer experience and innovation. In this way, we now have a robust platform that celebrates both individuals and businesses. We look forward to launching a call for applications in the coming weeks and are confident in the quality of the applications we will receive, ”said Tunde Success-Osideko, editor of The Workbooth magazine.

The platform has since announced August 1-31, 2021 as the nomination period and released the link for the public to vote in existing categories as well as newly introduced categories such as Mentor Award in recognition of the impact of mentoring. on careers and growth, Line Manager Award, for showing the impact of line management on business performance and employee engagement, Customer Centric Award, for shining the spotlight on companies that are exceptional in the way they do Treat Customers and Innovative Organization Award to reward organizations with innovative products and services validated by the voice of customers.

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