Beloved African elephant found dead at West Midlands Safari Park

An AMAZING African elephant has died at West Midlands Safari Park after living there since 1998.

The beautiful elephant is said to have died of cardiac arrest at the age of 28.

Latabe has been a beloved member of the park for 23 years and his guardians are reportedly heartbroken.

The safari park shared this heartfelt statement on its Facebook page on Saturday morning.

“It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the death of our female African elephant, Latabe, at the age of 28.

“A full autopsy will be performed, but the first results indicate a heart problem. We are absolutely devastated by the news.

“Latabe has been with us at the park since 1998 and has been a close companion to our other female, Five, and a great ‘aunt’ to young Sutton.

“She and Five both arrived at the park when they were young 23 years ago, after passing an elephant orphanage in South Africa.

“Our dedicated elephant keepers are understandably heartbroken by this sudden news and we are doing all we can to support them during this difficult time.

“Latabe mattered to both staff and visitors and we would love you to share your memories and photos in the comments section below. Thank you ”

Do you have any Latabe memories that you would like to share?

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