Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

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If you are looking to get started in a new competitive game on your Android or iOS device, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the best titles.

The game is a multiplayer online combat arena, usually abbreviated as MOBA. Two teams of five players compete in real time to try to achieve victory.

It’s easy to get in and with its huge player base, matchmaking takes around 10 seconds, allowing players to quickly jump into a game. The fights last around 10 minutes, however, and they can last longer if you’re in a more intense game.

Once you’re ready to get started, here’s a beginner’s guide to MLBB.

How to win

Taking down the opposing base is the main objective to achieve victory. You will need teamwork and a strategy to achieve this. To better understand this, you need to familiarize yourself with the map in MLBB.

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There are three lanes in the game. The golden lane (top), EXP lane (bottom), and the middle lane. Between each lane is the jungle. If you are wrong, these terms will be explained a little later.

Depending on which side of the map (blue or red) you start, the lanes will be in a different position. A good way to find out is to locate the turtle on the map. If the turtle is at the bottom, then you are on the blue side. If the turtle is at the top then you are on the red side and the tracks are turned.

To win you have to shoot down a total of nine turrets that stand in your way, three in each lane. These serve as important defensive positions for you and your opponents. You cannot directly attack the enemy base without first destroying all enemy turrets in at least one lane.


Before you jump into a game to destroy turrets, it is important to understand the tracks. There are three routes: gold, mid and EXP.

You cannot directly attack an enemy turret alone. These turrets shoot at champions and deal a ton of damage. To attack them without taking damage, you need the help of your team’s minions.

Servants appear at team bases and descend along each path. You have to take out enemy minions to let your minions take turret damage while you attack it.

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If you destroy all three turrets in a lane, your base will start spawning Super Minions, which are much stronger and deal more damage.

Be careful when attacking turrets, however. You don’t want to get caught by an enemy hero and get killed. It is important to make sure that the enemy Hero in your lane is dead or in another area of ​​the map (use the minimap) before committing to a turret.

Remember that killing is not the main goal of the game. Although it does grant you experience and gold to make your hero stronger, the main goal is still to destroy the enemy base.


The jungle is the space between the tracks. It can be divided into four parts: two between enemy lanes and two between your team’s lanes. The jungle has different creeps and monsters that grant buffs, experience, and gold. Although there are many subtleties of the jungle in MLBB, they can be roughly divided as follows.

  • Blue Buffs: Killing the snake in the jungle will give you the blue buff (also called purple buff). This buff grants the hero a reduced cooldown and reduces the cost of mana and energy.
  • Red Buff: Killing the demon in the jungle will give the hero a red buff (also called orange buff). This will deal more attack damage and slow enemies when attacked.
  • Other Creeps: Other jungle creeps will give you gold and experience. These will allow you to evolve your hero and help in the ways. So killing them is also important.
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  • Turtle: The turtle appears at the two minute mark on one side of the river. He has high health, so it’s best to take him down with your team. This gives Gold and XP to the whole team. The Turtle is the first objective that teams will fight on the map. So the first team fights are likely to happen around this one.
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  • Lord: The most important monster of MLBB is the Lord. It spawns across the turtle river. He joins the team that defeated him to storm the way and destroy enemy turrets.
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The roles

Once you have familiarized yourself with the map, you should know more about the roles in MLBB before jumping into a game.

There are over 110 heroes in MLBB, each with different abilities. Usually, each hero comes with three abilities and one passive. The last of the three abilities is the ultimate, an extremely powerful ability that is unlocked later in the game and has a longer cooldown.

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For a game like MLBB, teamwork is essential to win. Thus, each hero has different roles depending on whether he must jungler or play in a path. Heroes are divided into six categories or roles. These are:


  • Heroes in this category are bulky and have better health but deal less damage. Their main objective is to lead the charge against enemies as their high health allows them to last longer in team fights. Their abilities also generally offer some crowd control. It can be recoil, dizziness, or slowing down.
  • Position: Tanks are usually played on the EXP track.


  • An assassin is the opposite of a tank. They have low health but deal high damage. This is one of the most difficult roles to master because positioning is extremely important.
  • Position: Assassins are good in the jungle.


  • The fighters are sort of in the middle of an assassin and a tank. While they don’t have high damage or health, these heroes excel late in the game after getting bigger. At the end of the game, they can take on the role of a tank or even an assassin.
  • Position: They are best used in the EXP channel.


  • Snipers are like assassins, but they deal damage from a distance. They are more dependent on their basic attacks and can take down enemies from a distance.
  • Position: They are used in the way of gold.


  • Unlike snipers, mages don’t deal significant damage with their basic attacks. Instead, they focus on their abilities. Their abilities are different and add variety to team fights.
  • Position: Mages are typically used in the middle lane.


  • Similar to the tank, the role of the support is to help and take damage for the team. Their abilities usually consist of something that can help the team, which can even be a heal. While they don’t take many casualties, the crucial support they offer can transform team fights and games.
  • Position: They are used to support the sniper or mage in the golden or middle lane.

Heroes suitable for beginners

It’s best to master only one role while getting familiar with another in case someone else in your match selects it. Here are some easy champions for each role to get you started.

  • Tanks: Tigreal and Grock
  • Assassin: Hanzo and Karina
  • Fighter: Roger and Zilong
  • Snipers: Miya and Layla
  • Mage: Eudora and Nana
  • Support: Estes and Angela


There are many terms in MLBB. You will familiarize yourself with them later after you have gained a little experience. First of all, here are some terms to know before starting a game.

  • AFK: It means away from the keyboard. Originally derived from PC games, it is now used to indicate that a player is offline.
  • Rotation: A rotation means moving from one position on a card to another.
  • Stunned: When a hero is stunned, they are immobilized and cannot attack or use their skills.
  • Airborne: Similar to stuns, the hero is thrown into the air and cannot attack or flee.
  • Silence: When a hero is silenced, it means that he cannot use his abilities.
  • Combat Spells: These are special spells that can be selected before a match. They can give heroes a shield or heal them when used.

MLBB, like any other MOBA, is a highly strategic game. Even the biggest stars who will be competing in the M3 World Championship started where you are right now. The best way to learn is to jump into games and gradually learn skills along the way.

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