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It is that time of year when family members travel from afar to gather, give thanks, and eat a big meal together.

It is that time of year when family members travel from afar to gather, give thanks, and eat a big meal together. Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time filled with traditions, famous family recipes, and catching up on each other’s lives. However, some view Thanksgiving with concern about how everyone will get along.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help your family have a better chance of having a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving this year.

First of all, a few “don’ts”

Don’t talk about politics or bring up other “hot topics”. Often the urge is to help family members “really understand” your position or understand why their position is irrational and wrong. Too often it ends with doors slamming and someone crying in the car.

Don’t be sarcastic, critical, and don’t give subtle punches. These can cause emotions to escalate quickly and feelings can be hurt.

Don’t try to fix each other’s problems over one meal. Also, do not discuss the problems of other family members who are not there. Thanksgiving meal is not the time to suggest someone get out of a relationship, sell a house, be a better parent, or start exercising.

Don’t take it personally. Some family members are more “thorny” than others, but choose not to get on the defensive. If someone starts looking for a reaction, don’t take the hook.

Here are some “to do”

Take charge of the seats. Set the table for success by separating the conflicting personalities. Place the conspirators near you so you can put out the fires and guide the conversation.

Remember why you are doing it. You love your family (don’t you?), And ultimately the people are more important than the problems.

Ask others about their lives. Don’t talk too much about yourself.

Give children responsibilities, but then release them. Children simply won’t like being trapped at a table for long periods of time. They often become restless and whiny. It’s okay if they run away after trying most foods. Don’t turn it into a battle. Have something to do for them after the meal.


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