Armed robbers attack Ghana’s tourism ambassador to South Africa

Ghana Tourism Ambassador Matthew Mensah

Matthew Mensha was almost kidnapped in South Africa

He suffered bruises from a pistol shot

Matthew Mensah gives advice on how to escape a burglary

Ghana’s tourism ambassador, Matthew Mensah, said he was attacked by gunmen in South Africa.

According to him, he was also almost kidnapped by the robbers.

Ghana’s tourism ambassador shared his traumatic experience on his Instagram page on December 11, 2021.

“To everyone who has tried to reach me; it was finally time for me to be attacked by armed robbers in Johannesburg, “he told his supporters.

Mensah added, however, that he was severely beaten by his attackers and suffered some injuries as a result.

“Fortunately I escaped the hijacking, but I did not escape a theft or a good old pistol flogging,” he repeated.

He also mentioned the loss of some personal effects during the attack.

“But thank goodness for life and only a few bruises and the loss of materialistic things,” he shared.

Matthew Mensah added that he was almost thrown into the gunmen’s cabin but his good running legs saved him.

“Yeah, I almost ended up in a dreaded cabin of a group of armed robbers. PS, tip 1: When trying to lead a group of armed robbers, always make sure that your own idea of ​​the capabilities Usain Bolt is tested and tested, ”he advised.

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