An exclusive interview with Aya Nakamura

The whole world knows Aya Nakamura. Aya has a streak of record numbers under her belt. With her, everything counts in the millions, including the streams of her songs, the views of her videos, her followers and her record sales … She is only 26 years old, a young mother, surrounded by friends, without herd of officers swarmed around her. She does very well on her own. Aya Danioko was born in Bamako in Mali and raised in France. She has kept the authenticity of her origins, which is reflected in her melodies and lyrics about everyday life. Aya’s music takes a magical base inspired by griot tradition and mixes it with the different sounds that appeal to her. The diva has just broken records by reaching 800 million views on YouTube. It also replaced the famous Edith Piaf. You could see some logic in this: because both are popular singers that people understand. Edith had it Padam, Padam. Aya has it Djadja. And what does Aya think of all this? She is calm and enjoys her McDonald’s with her long manicured fingers.

An exclusive interview with Aya Nakamura

During this fashion shoot, did you become a fashion muse? How did you find it?
Aya Nakamura: It was a real fashion shoot and I don’t do that kind of thing very often. Let a fashion editor decide what I’m going to wear, I mean. You really have to let yourself be guided. I had a great time and the photos are really beautiful. It’s amazing to see yourself like that. However, at the moment I am not focusing on fashion. I like to dress up and I follow trends like all young women of my age. Keep up to date with everything that is being done and everything that is published on the other side? No, that doesn’t interest me.

Even if all your outfits are analyzed in great detail, and you can still be a model for women?
Honestly, I don’t think about that. I don’t feel like I’m exposing myself. And the influencer thing, taking my picture, showing myself off every day, that’s not my thing. I’m not the type to do Instagram Stories all the time. When I was younger I studied model making and really wanted to be a model maker. It takes a lot of patience, however, and it’s not my forte. I quit in spite of myself just because I couldn’t. It was my closest relationship to fashion.

The video for Pretty chick takes place in a hairdressing salon, a true epicenter of black beauty. A place of life …
Yes, there are lounges where you can spend the whole day there. It is true that they are important places of African beauty. You meet friends, aunts, neighbors. When I am there I can capture certain opinions, stories and languages ​​that come to me. It happens. I often change my hairstyle, depending on my mood. It reflects my mood at the moment. It’s personal. It is not my aim to create an effect of surprise. I’m a singer, that’s all. If you like it, so much the better, if you don’t, too bad. When I like a haircut, I do it for fun.

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