Al Ain Zoo offers special Ramadan morning game drives and iftar with the lions – Udaipur Kiran | Latest news from Udaipur

Al-Ain Zoo

ALAN : During the holy month of Ramadan, Al Ain Safari is delighted to welcome visitors from all over the world with its Morning Safari Tour to explore the wonders of wildlife at Al Ain Zoo. This unique experience is part of the incredible Ramadan program which includes extraordinary experiences that the zoo has compiled to celebrate the holy month.

Visitors will get a chance to enjoy Morning Safari Tours daily starting at 9:00 am where they will experience an incredible journey into the heart of the African jungle accompanied by the most qualified Emirati guides who will help visitors explore the great diversity of plants. and animal life at Al Ain Safari. This experience can be booked by making an advance reservation on the zoo’s website or by calling 800966.

Among the extraordinary experiences offered by Al Ain Safari this year is Iftar with the Lions, where visitors can enjoy their Iftar in style just meters from the King of the Jungle in an atmosphere of luxury hospitality.

Visitors can also visit the zoo during Ramadan daily from 7:00 p.m. to midnight and enjoy adventurous trips around the zoo provided by the Ahlan service, which offers tours in a luxury vehicle accompanied by a guide who takes you will accompany. introduce visitors to the secrets of nature during five different pit stops on a magical journey.

The zoo also offers its Al Maha Royal service, a collection of luxury services and private facilities at the zoo that include the Iftar experience with the Lions.

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