Advocacy center volunteers pack hygiene kits

Advocacy center volunteers pack hygiene kits

Volunteers, board members and staff from the Ottawa County Family Advocacy Center worked to assemble hygiene kits that will be sent home next week along with the lunch bags. summer. Approximately 1,000 bags of food containing the equivalent of 10 meals each will be distributed throughout Ottawa County. The bags will include a hygiene kit to help the children prepare to go back to school.

For more information, contact the center at 419-301-0225. The Ottawa County Family Advocacy Center advocates for the stability and success of children and families in Ottawa County.

Crown Battery Appoints Opelt Sales Director in SLI Products Group

Crown Battery Manufacturing Co. announced earlier this month that Aaron Opelt has been promoted to the newly created role of Sales Manager – SLI Products Group. Opelt will play a pivotal role in the development and delivery of the Crown SLI product group’s global strategic sales initiatives (start-up, lighting and ignition), leveraging best practices perfected during the pandemic with the high level of personalized customer engagement for which the company is known to achieve its goals. .

He joined Crown Battery in 2010 as a quality control intern during his final year at the University of Toledo, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration and served as the starting quarterback of the team. UT football. Over the past 11 years, he has continued to prove himself as a leader, both in the workplace and in the community, making significant contributions in the sales arena and subsequently elevating to roles of growing responsibility along the way – most recently as a national account manager of SLI Products.

Based in Fremont, Crown Battery is celebrating its 95th anniversary.

An animal park will welcome female sacred ibis

PORT CLINTON – The African Safari Wildlife Park celebrates the opening of a new exhibit featuring eight female sacred ibis.

Birds can be seen daily in the Safari Walk-Thru Park, which is included in general admission. The exhibit runs the length of the large pond in the center of the Walk-Thru Safari, near the Safari Café building and the African Crested Porcupine exhibit.

“This exhibition for the sacred ibis has been one of our biggest projects to date,” said director Kelsey Keller. “It has been very gratifying for our animal care team to watch the birds explore their new exhibit – whether that be hanging out on the perches above the ground, wading in their pool or flying! We love it! watching our youngest guests walk with the ibis as they fly through the exhibit. We now have eastern wild turkeys on display where the Ibis were before the start of the new exhibit – be sure to drop by and say hello to all the birds on the Walk-Thru Safari! “

Sacred ibises are native to sub-Saharan Africa and south-eastern Iraq, favoring marshes and mudflats. They were once found in North Africa, where they were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians as a connection to the ibis-headed deity, Thoth.

Twenty-eight species of ibis are found in the world today. White ibises, white-faced ibises, and shiny ibises are occasionally spotted in Ohio as vagrants.

The African Safari Wildlife Park is celebrating its 53rd operating season. The park is scheduled to close for the season on December 5.

Celebrate the birthday of First Lady Lucy Hayes

Celebrate First Lady Lucy Hayes birthday with a weekend of special tours, activities, a flower arranging class and more from August 28-29 at The Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

Activities include a scavenger hunt, craft projects, Victorian fashion talks, and hands-on artifact opportunities.

The first lady would have turned 190 on August 28. Activities chosen reflect her interests, from making flower arrangements for friends and state dinners at the White House to butterflies, birds and other aspects of nature.

The calendar of events and prices are as follows:

August 28

9 a.m. to 5 p.m .: Free lemonade and birthday treats in the museum lobby, free butterfly scavenger hunt in the field, and craft activities in the museum auditorium.

10.45-11.15 am: Practical activity of an artifact or manuscript in the museum. Put on the white gloves that presidential conservatives Hayes wear and hold a piece of history related to Lucy Hayes. Included with regular admission. Members are admitted free.

Noon: Tour of the Hayes House focused on Lucy Hayes. Included with regular admission. Members are admitted free.

3 p.m .: Visit of the Hayes House centered on Lucy Hayes. Included with regular admission. Members are admitted free. Get tickets at

August 29

12 p.m. to 5 p.m .: free lemonade and birthday treats in the museum lobby and a butterfly scavenger hunt on the grounds. Free.

12.15 p.m.-12.45 p.m .: Practical artefact or manuscript activity in the museum. Included with regular admission. Members are admitted free.

1:00 p.m .: Flower arranging class in the museum auditorium run by Mary Snyder of Mary’s Blossom Shoppe in Port Clinton. Tickets cost $ 40 for Hayes Presidential members and $ 45 for non-members.

2:00 p.m .: Visit of the Hayes House centered on Lucy Hayes. Included with regular admission.

For more information, call 419-332-2081, or visit

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