Adventure Travel Blog ‘Live Fun Travel’ Encourages People to Travel to Africa

Africa needs tourism to revive its economy. Its tourist hot spots are open, but the pandemic is keeping tourists at bay.

The tourism industry in Africa plays a vital role in its economy. As a result of the pandemic, African countries like Kenya and Uganda are experiencing an unprecedented crisis that threatens the livelihoods of many in the tourism industry. To help with this, couple Michael Mucci and Kati Weiss, founders of Live Fun Travel, are launching a campaign to encourage people to visit Africa and help revive its struggling tourism economy.

“Local economies that depended on tourism suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, cutting services and hurting business,” say Michael Mucci and Kati Weiss.

The couple’s recent trip to Kenya and Uganda showed that both countries are ready to welcome travelers. Yet travel restrictions and pandemic alerts have halted the number of tourists. According to Michael Mucci and Kati Weiss, despite strict adherence to COVID-19 security protocols to ensure safety, tourists and visitors have yet to return to Africa.

Traveling in Africa can be a life changing experience. Besides its beautifully panoramic view and safari-related offerings, African countries have a rich culture and unique and diverse activities.

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