Adam Sandler’s 10 Best Razzie-Nominated Movies, According To IMDb

Adam Sandler is one of the most polarizing actors working today, because critics hate his films but audiences love them. However, although he is best known for his outrageous comedies, Uncut Gems may have encouraged him to continue making thrilling dramas, as he will reunite with the Safdie brothers for their follow-up to the 2019 film.

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But whether or not that stops Golden Raspberry voters from going after him is a whole other question, as the comedic actor was nominated, as 17 of his films were nominated for Razzies. However, not all of them are bad, and some of them are far from it. And a Razzie-nominated film will be a huge surprise.

ten Bulletproof (1996) – 5.8

Adam Sandler in Bulletproof

Armored was one of Sandler’s very first leading roles in a major motion picture. Although the actor has already starred in Happy Gilmore a few months ago, it wasn’t exactly as hyped as Armoredespecially since the comedic actor starred alongside Damon Wayans.

Unfortunately, while it’s hard for cop buddy movies to miss the mark, the 1996 film was criticized for its lack of logic, and despite featuring two of the funniest actors of the 1990s, they got little to no chemistry in the film. This led to Sandler’s first-ever of many Razzie nominations for Worst Actor.

9 The Shoemaker (2014) – 5.8

Adam Sandler in The Cobbler

Although rare, Sandler has several dramatic roles to his credit, and whether in love stuffed with punch or Uncut Gems, he often receives universal praise for them. However, The shoemaker was one of Sandler’s bad days at the office, and the weird fantasy drama didn’t even land with mainstream audiences.

The film was a box office bomb and the comedian was again nominated for Worst Actor at the Razzies. However, director Tom McCarthy continued to direct Projector the following year, which is one of the best dramas of the 2010s.


8 Mr. Acts (2002) – 5.8

Mr. Deeds is not really an original film, but is actually a remake of the 1936 film, Mr. Deeds goes to town. The film follows the main character (Sandler) who inherits $40 billion and, being the owner of a run-down pizzeria, Deeds struggles to adjust to his new pampered lifestyle.

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The 2002 version is great for any hardcore Sandler fan, but for anyone who isn’t, it’s way too silly. 2002 was also another double for the actor. In the same way Mr. ActsSandler was also nominated for Worst Actor for his Voice in Animated Comedy eight crazy nights.

7 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007) – 5.9

Kevin James and Adam Sandler in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry follows two firefighters who pretend to be gay and get married so their children can get health care. The film means well, but it inadvertently comes across as ignorant and quite homophobic.

The 2007 film has generated a ton of controversy in the years since for how it portrays the LGBTQ+ community and how it uses gay stereotypes. And according to Vulture, Alexander Payne, who wrote the first draft of the screenplay, the production was “Sandler-izing” and did not want his name attached to the project. If there’s one nomination that Razzie voters got right, it’s this one.

6 The Waterboy (1998) – 6.1

Bobby joins the caucus in The Waterboy

just like Mr. Acts, The Waterboy is another cult hit from Sandler. The film encompassed everything non-fans of the actor despised. Between making funny faces and putting on an accent with a lisp, the 1998 film was never going to convert audiences into new fans if they didn’t already love Little Nicky or Happy Gilmore.

The Waterboy is one of the weirdest comedies of all time, as it follows Bobby (Sandler) who becomes obsessed with keeping football teams hydrated after his father’s supposed death from hydration. Somehow, Sandler even managed to recruit Oscar winner Kathy Bates, who plays Bobby’s mother, but that wasn’t enough to keep Sandler from being nominated for Worst Actor. .

5 Go For It (2011) – 6.4

Over the years, more and more of Adam Sandler’s films have been set in exotic locations, including Hawaii, and Just go is no different. The 2011 film is about a recently divorced surgeon (Sandler) who pretends to be married so he doesn’t have to worry about dating.

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But when his lies get too tangled, he hires his office manager (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his wife and go to Hawaii. Razzie voters saw the film for what it was, an excuse for A-list actors to go to Hawaii, and while there are a few funny scenes, Sandler and Aniston were nominated for Worst Screen Combo. during the award ceremony.

4 Big Daddy (1999) – 6.4

Cole Sprouse and Adam Sandler in Big Daddy

Grandpa follows yet another ordinary man, Sonny (Sandler,) who tries to adopt the five-year-old who landed on his doorstep. It’s typically schmaltzy and sentimental for a movie of this genre, but it’s also home to some of Sandler’s funniest moments. Newspapers are Sonny’s best friend, as he seemingly hilariously uses them for milk spills and when Julian urinates. Needless to say, Sonny doesn’t get custody of the child.

Sandler was nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Screenplay for Grandpa, as the actor also co-wrote the screenplay and starred in the 1999 courtroom comedy. Although it’s one of the best screenplays written by Sandler, Razzie Academy was not d ‘deal. And it was the film that also earned him his first “victory”, if you can call it that. Sandler received the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor.

3 Mixed (2014) – 6.5

Lauren and Jim in white dresses in Blended

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have collaborated three times to this point, and while everyone is singing the praises of The Wedding Singer and 50 first datesthe same cannot be said for their third collaboration. Mix is a commonplace one, as it follows two separate people who once had a blind date that didn’t go so well, only they are forced to spend time together when they end up on the same African safari .

And just like Just go and many other Sandler-directed films that came before it, it’s based in an exotic location. Many viewers speculated that the actor was using the film as a vacation, which could have led to his Razzie nomination for Worst Actor for Mix.

2 Happy Gilmore (1996) – 7.0

Adam Sandler Thanks True Golf Champion For Gilmore's Happy Birthday Video

1996 was a bittersweet year for Sandler, as he was the lead actor not only Armored that year, but Happy Gilmore also. Unfortunately, he was also nominated for Worst Actor for Golf Comedy, and that just goes to show that the Golden Rasberry Voters had a vendetta against Sandler early on.

The 1996 film has a premise that reads like it should be nominated for Razzie, as it follows an ordinary man who becomes a golfing hero after applying what he learned playing semi-professional hockey. However, Happy Gilmore is one of the most beloved comedies of the 90s, it’s packed with hilarious dialogue and a 7.0 is an extremely respectable score for a movie of this genre.

1 Uncut Gems (2019) – 7.4

Adam sandler holding an uncut gemstone ferbie necklace

In Uncut Gems, Sandler isn’t vacationing in Hawaii, he’s not planning on going on a date with the woman of his dreams, and he’s not playing sports with his buddies. Instead, the comedy actor plays Howard, a Jewish jeweler in New York’s diamond district, and he makes one mistake after another by running into gambling debts and cheating on his wife.

The film is not at all funny, but anxiety-provoking and thrilling. The crime drama is shot like no other, and Sandler gives the best performance of his career. And while he was nominated for a Razzie for the role, it was the Razzie Redeemer Award, which is given to an actor who becomes a “respected entertainer” after a series of failures.

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