A Travel Influencers Guide to Covid UK Travel Protocols


When the coronavirus first became a global problem, a number of people seemed to believe the pandemic would end as soon as possible.

However, as the world accepts that the pandemic will last longer than we thought, more and more people are welcoming the idea of ​​traveling with Covid.

When the pandemic first hit, it all came to a halt and pleasure travel virtually ended. It is now clear that there is no end in sight, so instead of waiting for the end of the pandemic to travel, many people have chosen to travel Covid, which involves many steps, controls and requirements. .

While this has made travel a lot more expensive, it hasn’t completely deterred those with an overwhelming desire to travel from visiting new countries and places.

This is the case with lifestyle and travel influencer Naledi “Leddi G” Radebe who has visited a number of countries since travel restrictions were relaxed.

Radebe is often bombarded with questions about her travels and has decided to do what appears to be the first in a series of Covid travel explanations.

How to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) from South Africa under lockdown:

Radebe visited England in August this year and detailed what she had to go through to reach her destination.

South African passport holders need visas to enter the UK and according to Radebe, it is better to already have one rather than apply for a new one.

“If you don’t already have the visa, don’t even bother because getting one is subject to the [country’s] the embassy / consulate being open and the printing of tourist visas.

“It is unlikely that many European consulates will be open to tourism at the moment,” she added.

Regarding the cost of the trip, Radebe did not provide exact charges but said Covid’s trip to the UK would be “an expensive exercise”.

Indeed, you will need to book two series of flights and organize accommodation in at least two countries. She estimated a 10-day stay in an airport hotel in the UK at around 40,000 rand (£ 2,000).

“You will lose at least 10 to 12 days in the transit phase before you even get to your destination,” Radebe wrote.

This is because of all the quarantine you will have to do for five to ten days “before you arrive in each country and leave each country”.

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You will also have to pay for the Covid tests, the results of which cannot be earlier than 72 hours when entering each destination.

These requirements apply to all visitors, but especially South Africans who, at the time of writing, were traveling from a location on the UK’s Red List. Essentially, this means that UK officials view South Africa as a high-risk location due to current Covid infection rates.

Radebe mentioned facilitating Covid’s travel to the UK by going through an Orange List country first, as this would allow “immediate” entry from SA.

“Many African countries are on the list. I decided to go through Ghana. First of all because I know and love Ghana very well. Second, because Ghana gives visa on arrival (R2111.86 / $ 150) with generally no hassle.

She added that you will need to take a Covid test at Ghana Airport at an additional cost of R2111.8 ($ 150).

“You have to stay in the land of amber for 10 days… I took the scenic route and visited the two Lagos [Nigeria] and Douala [Cameroon]. Both were Amber List countries.

She added that South Africa was also on Nigeria’s Red List, so the country currently does not accept any visitors directly from South Africa.

If you are traveling to the UK after this point, you will not only need to do a home quarantine for around 10 days, but you will also need to pre-register on the UK government website to receive a mandatory self-test kit at an extra moment. Cost. You will also need to complete a passenger tracking form that tracks your movements.

During this period, you will be subject to regular checks which can lead to heavy fines if you do not comply with the requirements of the quarantine period.

You will always need to do all of these whether or not you are vaccinated.

Read Naledi’s full guide to traveling Covid to the UK from South Africa below:

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