A restless elephant chases tourists in Kruger National Park

On a safari in Kruger National Park, you can experience close encounters with elephants.

As a citizen Explain“If you need to learn to reverse, go to Kruger National Park. Once the elephants chase you down the gravel roads, you learn fast and fast.

That’s the lesson a group of tourists learned on their recent visit to Kruger National Park.

When the restless elephant picked up speed, the four vehicles in the convoy quickly reversed and turned around.

The animal slowed down and was probably more curious than anything, patiently watching the tourists slip away.

The magnificent beast followed them for a while – presumably to make sure its job was done and they had no intention of returning – before heading off into the bush.

Death toll

Last May, a Zimbabwean government spokesman said sixty citizens had been killed by elephants so far this year.

Zimbabwe has the second largest population in the world after Botswana and around a quarter of the elephants in all of Africa.

Unlike much of the world, where poachers have killed animals for their tusks, Zimbabwe’s elephant population is growing at around 5% a year.

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