A colossal two-story porcupine named Percy joins hundreds of Los Angeles school children to celebrate next week the grand opening of the famed San Diego Zoo’s most unique new attraction in its 106-year history. legendary story: base camp of wildlife explorers

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hundreds of mesmerized and giggling Los Angeles-area schoolchildren witnessed the spectacular unveiling of a massive, world-record-sized, two-story porcupine created for the occasion by the famous creature store from Glendale-based Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets, to announce the upcoming week-long unveiling of Denny Sanford’s Wildlife Explorers Base Camp in San Diego to bring guests of all ages closer to nature in a way hitherto unimaginable.

The captivated audience nestled in the vast Elysian Fields near Dodger Stadium were treated to a visit from a special menagerie of Wildlife Explorers Base Camp visitors, including alligators, African bullfrogs, owls, kangaroos, sloths and chirping birds. These friends represented a glimpse of the treasure trove of wild animals from across the planet that guests will encounter in the spectacular new attraction.

Percy the porcupine, on his journey to the highly anticipated Basecamp reveal next week, felt the presence of his favorite banana and yam treats. Six months in the planning, the lovingly towering ‘creature’ took 1,000 hours to build (25 weeks of work), enough gallons of paint covering the quills to paint a house, and an adorable big pink nose the size of a dog. ‘a small car.

“Our goal was both figuratively and literally to convey that there is no experience quite like this anywhere on earth,” said David Miller, director of marketing for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. “What could be better than a gigantic, prehensile porcupine with 2,000 quills?

With over three acres of adventure, the Wildlife Explorers Base Camp is divided into four habitat types showcasing the wildlife that lives in these regions: rainforest, wild woods, marsh meadows and desert dunes. Admission to Basecamp is included with admission to the San Diego Zoo.

the Tropical forest The Basecamp area is centered around the 10,000 square foot McKinney Family Spineless Marvels building featuring arachnids, coconut crab habitat and an actual beehive with a larger than life honeycomb inviting young guests to become the bee. And at the nearby Rady Ambassadors headquarters, guests will encounter a range of animals from across the planet, including a two-toed sloth and a prehensile-tailed porcupine.

wild woods is an area for wildlife, including coatis, and features the impressive Prebys Foundation Discovery Bridge and a 20-foot-tall structure designed to look like an old oak tree. This dynamic nature play tree structure provides multiple access points for guests – from a suspension bridge and mesh tunnel to a spiral staircase in the middle – and provides a parallel play experience. Water games spread out in this woodland-themed area with a cascading grotto and splash pool, water jets and stream, plus a cliff area with a block of boulders to the side for exploring.

swamp meadows is designed with an array of plants, strategically designed to replicate marsh habitats and highlight how beautiful and important marshes are to the health of our waterways and the planet. An outdoor aquatic habitat, the trails include child-sized silhouettes of frogs and fish to help convey the idea that guests inhabit the swamp with the wildlife that lives there. Within this area is the Art and Danielle Engel Cool Critters building, a two-story herpetology and ichthyology structure that offers 7,000 square feet of immersive environments, digital media, learning opportunities and educational classroom spaces created to engage guests of all ages. Wildlife here includes snakes, amphibians, crocodilians, turtles and lizards, including endangered Fijian iguanas.

desert dunes, a desert wash-themed dryland, takes center stage in this part of the Wildlife Explorers Base Camp, with bouldering opportunities for climbing, scrambling, jumping and more again. Reptile carvings and hidden petroglyphs can be found among cool rocks and caves that provide shaded areas to beat the heat, like their desert wildlife counterparts including the fennec fox, prairie dog, and owl. burrows.

The public groundbreaking ceremony for the Wildlife Explorers Base Camp will take place on Friday, March 11, 2022, hosted by Paul A. Baribault, President and CEO of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

About San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) is a leading international conservation nonprofit committed to inspiring a passion for nature and creating a world where all life thrives. The Alliance empowers people around the world to support their wildlife conservation mission through innovation and partnerships. SDZWA supports cutting-edge conservation and brings the stories of their work to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, giving millions of guests, in person and virtually, the opportunity to experience conservation in action. . SDZWA’s work extends from San Diego to strategic and regional conservation “hubs” around the world, where their strengths – via their “conservation toolkit”, including the renowned Wildlife Biodiversity Bank – are able to s Effectively align with hundreds of regional partners to improve wildlife outcomes in more coordinated efforts. By leveraging these tools in wildlife protection and conservation science, and through collaboration with hundreds of partners, SDZWA has reintroduced more than 44 endangered species to natural habitats. Each year, SDZWA’s work reaches more than 1 billion people in 150 countries through news media, social media, their websites, educational resources and the San Diego Zoo Kids channel, which is in hospitals for children from 13 countries. Success is made possible by the support of members, donors and guests of the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park who are wildlife allies committed to ensuring the prosperity of all life.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/wildlife-explorers-basecamp or on social media @sandiegozoo.

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