A black traveler gets invaded by the people of Istanbul

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Black travelers are taking the world by storm. Some give up their 9 to 5 to venture across the pond in search of new job opportunities. Other black serial nomads are leaving in search of peace and a new home amid the economic strife and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

It’s refreshing to see, especially given the stereotype that black people in the diaspora don’t travel. For black Americans in particular, the research firm Mandala found that 17% of African Americans take one or more international trips and travel locally more than six times a year. These data completely contradict a previous study conducted by PewResearch, which reported that nearly 49% of black Americans are much less likely to travel abroad.

Black people are jumping on flights seeking to immerse themselves in cultures around the world, and some intrepid globetrotters are documenting their journeys online.

@Claudia.Darleene, a stunning travel blogger who has been jet-setting all over the world in the past year, shares many of her experiences via social media. According to her Instagram account, the Ghana native has made stops in Barcelona, ​​Cape Town and more recently in Turkey, where she has drawn a lot of attention from locals.

In a TikTok video, Claudia captured residents of Istanbul, Turkey, surrounding her as they gazed in awe at her glowing skin and natural afro. Slowly a line began to form as people crowded around her to take pictures. At one point, a woman even asked to touch her hair.

Claudia fans share mixed reactions to her video

Some of the travel influencer‘s fans commented with mixed reactions on her seemingly rocky encounter with the people of Istanbul.

“It’s so disturbing. I understand why you’d feel flattered by the attention and people’s intentions were mostly kind and caring, but still. You’re not an attraction. It’s not right one person wrote.

Another fan commented:

“They treated you like a celebrity.”

While one user wrote:

“I would feel so uncomfortable but she did fine…”

The attention didn’t seem to faze Claudia. In a follow-up post, the influencer shared more highlights from her exciting trip to Turkey, telling worried fans that everything was “fine” during her trip.

“I travel all over the world and recognize a sincere compliment when I receive one. Turks are curious. That’s all,” she added.

Guess the Turks were struck by Claudia’s melanin radiant magic, and we don’t blame them. We would also ask for a photo! Have you ever traveled abroad to another country? What was your experience with the locals? Tell us below!


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