7 iconic South African sites

September marks Heritage Month and is a time to reflect on the many things that make South Africa unique to us. But it’s also Tourism Month – a call for you to go out and explore your heritage through as many sightseeing adventures as you can!

South Africa is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and these visitors bring a welcome boost to the economy. However, with the pandemic limiting international travel, it is up to the people of the economy and our incredible tourist destinations open for business.

Watch Abdo ‘Dado’ Feghali drift around Durban, in something off any oil lover’s fantastic ride as ‘Dado’ drift off some of its most iconic spots.

Travel influencer Boujee Traveler says there’s a reason South Africa is such a popular destination for international travelers.

“We should be tourists in our country because there is so much to explore. We have the Big Five, nine unique provinces and so many beautiful cultures. But in the wake of the pandemic our economy has taken a huge hit and our tourist destinations and hospitality industry are still recovering – and it’s up to us to invest in our country. Our country is so rich in culture and opportunity, and travel is a great way to keep up with our heritage, ”she says.

Unable to travel abroad in 2020, Jordy smith and the man known as “MFeb” took full advantage as soon as the lockdown restrictions were lifted locally, to load up Jordy’s Jeep Wrangler and go on a surf trip.
Red Bull Dance Your Style Touring dancer and sbujwa essentialist, Limpopo Boy is a rural beginner who beat the odds to become a figurehead in his field, admired by many Mzansi residents. Watch her spotlight below:

Projector Red Bull Dance Your Style: Limpopo Boy | Limpopo

“The first time I saw Soweto Towers I was blown away. It is a remarkable landmark with a rich history that my generation can live through. My dream of breaking the record came true at the Soweto Tours, being able to achieve it in my own country was something really special. I want people to be inspired and never forget that our country is a melting pot of rich monuments that can be conquered ”, declared Thomas van Tonder.

Like you’ve never seen it before … With Black Motion

Red Bull Rendezvous: Black Movement

Ride as a BMX rider Murray Loubser is transported from a conference hall to a BMX stage in and around Cape Town.

“UKhahlamba” is the Zulu name for the Drakensberg mountain range. Colloquially, it means “the barrier of the spears” … And these mystical peaks have attracted adventure seekers for years. The Red Bull Air Force has also responded to this call …

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