5 luxury homes in Lenox Hill for sale now


In one of the greatest works of American short fiction, an unnamed woman with an unnamed illness spends a summer confined to the upstairs bedroom of a dreary mansion on the instructions of her husband, a doctor. After weeks of isolation, with nothing to look or talk to other than the wall in front of her, she descends into madness.

Seems familiar?

They called it “female hysteria”. We call it cabin fever. No matter what you call it, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is, among other things, a heart-wrenching glimpse into what last year might have been if we hadn’t had screens to stick our eyes to.

It’s hard to say how far we’ll sit and watch in the months to come, and while Charlotte Perkins protagonist Gilman may have been stuck with “one of those sprawling flaming models committing all artistic sins,” New York’s luxury market has plenty of homes with much less smelly interior decor, including some lovely ones at Lenox Hill.

When you’ve exhausted your streaming options and need something pretty to lay your eyes on, these five homes for sale now in the Upper East Side neighborhood, curated by our Select Spaces team, have limits. opulent in which to spend the next lockdown.

Lots of bakeries
820 Fifth Avenue | 6 BR | $ 39 million

You know what is called a quarter of a pound with cheese in Paris? A “Cheese Royale”. Do you know what they call wood panels? “Woodwork”. If you like yours from Europe, you’ll dig this list at 820 Fifth Avenue.

If these walls could talk, they would say, “Je ne sais quoi”. Louis XV and XVI marble mantles are just a glimmer of French majesty in this private floor of one of the most expensive buildings on Fifth Avenue.

Where pristine walls demand decoration, the swirling ornamentations and archways of this co-op can be elegantly isolated. They frame the gallery’s oversized mirrors and punctuate the candle-lit sconces that line each room.

Built-in bookcases flank the entrance to the office, leading to a saturated yellow hallway (painted, don’t worry) that invites all manner of decoration.

For eerie wallpaper, stroll through the formal dining room wrapped in a Stanley Kubrick-esque motif that’s no different from a previously featured unit in the Dakota, another historic gem of luxury living in New York. York.

Wallflowers are welcome
710 avenue du Parc | 4 CH | $ 4.8 million

It turns out that there are some perks of being a wallflower. You can live in this co-op at 710 Park Avenue.

Sometimes a little goes a long way – like the not quite yellow floral wallpaper in the entryway or the dainty patterned accent wall in one of the bedrooms. What the entertainment space may lack in custom bakeries it makes up for with the tiled mirrored wall, also visible in the dining room.

Though mostly white, the walls at this Park Avenue apartment are anything but bland. Built-in shelves on either side of the living room mirror hold rare books, cascading plants and all kinds of original tchotchkes to quietly showcase your personality. Glass cases can hold fine china, heirlooms, travel memorabilia, and other table conversation items.

Are you tired of taking a back seat to your own parties? Tired of sitting on the couch with no one but your reflection staring at you? Grab a tip from this longtime wallflower and head to the patio for a smoke. Leaning against a wall without speaking to anyone looks a lot cooler when it comes to exposed brickwork.

Greenery and green screens
127 62nd Street East | 4 CH | $ 13.5 million

We salivated on the smooth white marble of the bathrooms, countertops and foyer floors. But if you’ve ever scoured an LA influencer Instagram wishing they could live in an apartment, the place you’re looking is 127 East 62nd Street.

With interiors seemingly taken straight from the Glossier design book, this six-story townhouse is a haven of mid-2010s elegance. South-facing and sun-kissed up to the heavens, the entire apartment is an occasion. to take photos promising an abundance of content to populate your social networks.

The main living room has a floor-to-ceiling Calacatta marble slab on one side, a millennial pink accent on the other, and a dreamy chandelier hanging between them. The chic built-in fireplace adds visual interest without disturbing the clean lines and plans that make the space feel like it could go on forever.

And it does – the open concept, atypical of an upscale residence, is versatile in its uses. Sliding glass doors between the kitchen and the living room punctuate the otherwise uninterrupted space. Whether you’re showing art, shooting a video, or just filming the breeze with company, there’s plenty of radiant-heated floor space to roam around.

Wallflowers may have a hard time disappearing into the veined marble, but can find solace in the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on one of the upper levels of the home – conveniently leading to the ivy-lined outdoor space.

The most quirky thing about this apartment, however, has to be the living green wall, tucked away on the second floor. Tendrils of hydroponic flora photosynthesize through the skylights. They say talking to plants helps them grow taller, so if you’re not very social, consider engaging with pothos on the finer points of public policy. I have heard that they can be quite opinionated.

Downtown oasis
11 68th Street East | 5 BR | $ 35 million

The fact of being alone is that you are never really alone. Yellow Wallpaper Lady had the woman she found trapped behind the “smoldering impure” monstrosity. Liam Gallagher from Oasis had what he described as the imaginary friend who comes to save you from yourself. If you had given up all hope of finding your wall of wonders, then today will be the day they return it to you.

Anyway, here is 11 East 68th Street.

By now you should have somehow achieved what you need to do, which is to befriend the knight in shining armor who is guarding the shiny, grainy wooden entrance to the kitchen. He’s shy until you have a few drinks in him, so cook him something strong at the backlit bar.

I don’t believe anyone feels what I think of Saint Laurent African marble. Plain black with delicate streaks of white, it extends over the playful spaces of this space flooded with light. But if it starts to get too dark, there is a panoramic terrace just outside.

A sculptural staircase connects the floors of this pre-war Marquand condominium triplex – which, by the way, was never put on the market. Other wonderful walls in this penthouse include the Japanese lacquered maple wood in the walk-in closets.

Someone asked if the master bathroom marble slabs were supposed to look like a Rorschach test. I said maybe. “

Dinner by the sea
110 78th Street East | 5 BR | $ 17 million

If you want to see the ocean from your home, there is an abundance of beachfront properties in Miami and LA with huge windows that deliver just that. For those looking for a more immersive experience, shall we say, there is 110 East 78th Street.

Monet’s water lilies are literally and figuratively pale compared to the deep blue mural surrounding the formal dining room of this four-story townhouse. Enjoy the view with your dinner, just try not to get seasick. And if you do, lean your cheek against the cool white marble of the luxurious bathroom walls.

An abstract splash of dark blue and yellow in one of the rooms is cleverly covered in grid-like paneling – excuse me, brois. The same pattern serves as an accent wall for one of the media rooms. Add to that the gallery of mirrors with its fluted plaster walls, and you’ve got yourself a feast for screen-weary eyes. If you are feeling lonely then just tear off the wallpaper in one of the bedrooms and see if you can find a friend.


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