5 Instagram accounts that make us travel FOMO this Month of Tourism

Through Travel journalist Sep 7, 2021

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IF you’re looking for ideas for your next trip, maybe a quick visit to Instagram can deliver some.

September being Tourism Month, an event celebrated annually in September, to highlight South Africa’s diverse tourism offerings and the sector’s contribution to the country’s economy, there is no better time that now to explore.

Here are some Instagram accounts we swoon on:

Hiking South Africa

If you are into hiking, this account will feature a few places you absolutely must visit. Even a simple quick navigation through the account will leave you feeling nostalgic for the mountains and nature. It’s also a great place to look if you don’t know where to hike.

Noxolo Kapela aka Black Case Girl

Noxolo Kapela is no stranger to the South African tourist scene. Known as the Black Case Girl, Kapela showcases the beauty of the country and its hiking adventures.

She revealed on her website: “Traveling and seeing the world has always been my desire. In my life journey, I have had the chance to meet people who shared the same love of travel as me. They inspire me on a daily basis. I am primarily an adventurer, aiming to hike in every city and country I visit. It’s a great way to learn more about different cultures, ”she revealed on her website.

About South Africa

An account dedicated to all things South Africa, About South Africa features images from Instagram users from across the country. With images of beaches, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries and more, this account really makes you want some local adventure and travel.

Jared in Cape Town

The Cape Town influencer uses Instagram to ‘connect people and experiences’. From the best hotels, wineries and restaurants, Jared does a good job of showcasing the hidden gems of the Mother City. Jared has introduced us to some stunning wineries and gives us FOMO every time he posts a photo.


Now here is an account that brings a smile to our lives. The founder Farirai Sanyika, a chemical engineer by profession, has a mission: to enable more Africans to travel in their country and in the world. The colorful stream takes travelers from the iconic Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve to scenic Bilene, Mozambique.

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